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One third of the companies sees risk in departure of key managers

Bratislava, June 9th 2014, Survey, Link SK version on

More than two thirds of Slovak companies  experienced  sudden  departures of key executives. Even though in most cases senior managers are able to predict this situation, it can never be done on 100%. This has resulted from an online survey, which was done by portal

Our research has shown, that even though there is intensive use of modern technologies, human input is in the end appreciable. In half of the companies, whose managers were involved in our research, human input represents more than 90% of company´s performance”  says Peter Križan, the founder of hiring managers service


Due to this fact, it is very important for each company to manage human resources well and to be able to react flexibly to extraordinary situations. Even though, behind the sudden departure of the key executive doesn’t have to be only more interesting job offer from competing company, but also personal attitude or health problems. The outage of one person can have negative impact on the economy and the development of the whole company. Eight out of ten addressed executives agree with this opinion and 71% of the senior managers have their own personal experience with this.

Promotion or extension of competences

In Slovakia there is the effort to solve the sudden departures of managers by internal capacity. "Only 12% of companies look for solutions of the lack of managerial power outside their own company. They either assign a new team member without managerial experience, or enhance the competences of the manager of another team. However, such solutions can affect the quality of task management or to undermine the performance of the company. The reason, why companies rely on internal forces, is speed of solution. Recruiting and training new person to permanent employment requires a lot of time," explains Peter Križan.


Performance not until 6 months

According to the experience of addressed managers, the selection of new manager takes three months or more and it takes approximately the same time to train a new employee. It is no exception, if the process takes longer. One third has replied, that the selection of a new person needs half a year and another six months for his training. Selecting an external specialist for short-term solution of specific challenge can be significantly faster. Time saving is also achieved in the second stage. Since the company does not plan to put him in charge of all internal processes, the complex adaptation process is eliminated. Hired managers are dedicated to solving a particular problem.

"Sudden departures of managers represent situations, when it is appropriate to use the services of interim managers, or in other words specialists for short-term projects. They are verified and experienced managers, commonly used for such projects worldwide. In Slovakia and the Czech Republic the awareness of such service is spreading very slowly. Although three-quarters of managers know the concept of interim management, only three percent of companies have experience with their services" says Peter Križan about the outcome of the survey and the situation of interim management in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


90 % of managers are looking for challenge

Czech and Slovak companies are not the only ones who while searching for solutions to their problems often lose the insight and end up in a vicious circle of their internal options. Labour market with hired specialists can offer a rapid and efficient response to many situations like this. The survey done among the top managers for displays extremely high openness of senior managers from Slovak and Czech companies to take up short-term challenge in order to meet new challenges in another company." 90% of respondents said, they are opened to such offer without giving notice to their employer," says Peter Križan, who has launched a special service for executives and companies this year. He is also pointing out, that there is a need for a trusted intermediator: "Companies need a reliable partner to provide the right specialist and to guarantee, that they do not open the door to their internal processes to the person who can exploit this situation. On the other hand it preserves also the anonymity of the actual rental specialists."


This is the reason, why portal mediates anonymous contact between an individually verified specialist and companies, who need to solve current problem. "Our system has a number of innovations that automate the system and protect the interests of all participants. It can not happen, that we would recommend a specialist to company, that works for the competition and would represent a threat to the company in terms of the obtained information. I'm glad, that we are able to provide companies in Central Europe with the unique database of experienced and verified professionals, who are fully flexible to the needs of potential clients." reveals the author of, Peter Križan.


Project TOPHEADS ( connects independent specialists with the needs of a companies. Being the first one on the market, it offers  to the owners and managers of companies online database of available solutions. We currently offer support for companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which have difficulty achieving their potential or are currently in the process of restructuring.


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