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Topheads connects companies with specialists

The TOPHEADS project connects independent specialists with the needs of companies. We're the first to offer owners and managers of companies an online – database with available solutions. At the moment, we offer support for any company in the Czech and Slovak Republics, which is having trouble reaching their potential or are currently in the restructuring process.


Solutions for companies, challenges for specialists

Our specialists are experts with practical experience in various fields. They are able to deliver strategic solutions for problems beyond the the capability of your existing employees. Our professionally monitored and segmented database of specialists is unique in its range and coverage.


Efficient price – quality ratio

TOPHEADS is not only a model of interim management or consultancy. It's a modern approach in key decisions in the corporate sector with the most efficient ratio of quality and price on the market.


Modern solutions of a temporary employment – Interim management

Welcome to TOPHEADS, a world of challenges, solutions, flexibility and fair remuneration. A new form of solving problems, projects and everything you've been putting aside in your business. A place where SPECIALISTS, CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS meet.




Focus on strategic solutions

Managing a company means dealing with continual change and searching for the right solutions. The step you've already made differentiates you from others, who've decided to ignore or postpone problems. CONGRATULATIONS!


The Specialist you otherwise wouldn't find, will be working for you

Does the question of quality of staff and processes interfere with the development of your business? If so, logically you consider where to find the answer. To employ a good specialist, means increased costs. To attempt it alone can be risky and time-inefficient. The answer is TOPHEADS. Simply engage our specialist – an experienced problem solver! You don't need to employ anyone in the long term and you can focus on strategic decisions.


Available database without registration

Check out how many specialists for your problem are in the database of TOPHEADS and get an idea about the price. At TOPHEADS, we work with you to define your problem, negotiate the terms of the project and monitor the entire solution process from the start to the final success.


In the end, there is a solution

  1. Visit the TOPHEADS database
  2. Select your SPECIALIST
  3. Contact TOPHEADS
  4. We'll identify the problem
  5. We'll offer a specialist – problem solver
  6. We'll negotiate the terms of the project
  7. Start project and implementation
  8. Continuous monitoring
  9. Completion of the project




A problem is a hidden opportunity

The motivation for an idea is usually the need to find a solution for a particular problem. The TOPHEADS project would never have originated, if we hadn't had a goal which we wanted to achieve.


To consult is the privilege of the responsible

As a businessman, I ask myself every day the same question, whether my decisions will be effective in the long term. But for those truly strategic decisions, I need expert insight and experience. Nobody is an expert in everything. I feel the responsibility, and so I asked myself the question: Who can help me? Where can I find someone and how much will it cost?


Who can help me with a Business plan?

I started looking for someone, who could help me to prepare a real business plan. Not for my bank, nor for my investor – but for me personally. Short, real goals, real plans and a usable long-term strategy. I was looking for a specialist to help me create my business plan (even at double the price) and although I met some interesting people, I didn't find anybody suitable. It surprised me. I knew that he exists and he wanted to find me too. We couldn't find each other!


Right priorities and decisions

I didn't give up and after several meetings with a business mentor, books and articles on the Internet, I got to the desired result. Finally, I drafted my business plan on my own thanks to the help they offered me, so it wasn't that difficult in the end. But it cost me a lot of time and energy, I could've invested elsewhere. But on the other hand, the idea of TOPHEADS was born.


Project employment is effective and modern

We set out to restructure the existing business model on the market in the field of permanent employment and interim management, which has been executed in the world for some time, e.g. in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria. We have worked out a clear concept identifying who and how we want to help. What we want to achieve together to be mutually beneficial.


Short-term cooperation – long-term effect

Our research shows that small and medium – sized companies are willing to pay much for a specialist than large companies, but only in the short term. The companies expect a solution for a particular situation or process, but they aren't able to use the quality of such a specialist for a long-term, not to mention the labour costs. The biggest advantage is that the effect will be reflected in a short time.


Specialists create TOPHEADS

At this point, a number of external specialists with vast experience in different areas of company management have collaborated with this project. Adding their ideas and recommendations with the certainty that they're helping themselves. This is the future of performance solutions of the new labour market of 2024.


"... start your successful story!

A place where Specialists, Challenges and Solutions meet."


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