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Successful People do not Ignore Problems

Praha, Bratislava 5th April 2014 (FORBES CR + SR)

He has achieved success in the field of HR services and consultancy. But on any success, you can build at least one new success.  This is, in what Peter Križan is convinced, the founder of the portal, which opens a new dimension of Interim Management. With the vision of connecting specialist from different areas of business with small and medium-sized companies he´s heading to the Czech and Slovak market. Renting effective solutions, however, has the ambition to make its way also to other countries.

Original Article in English, Czech and Slovak language:

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What is about and what are its aims?

We are here for companies, that cannot afford long-term employment of top professional, but they need to solve their business problems. We offer specialist among the best managers, who have the capacity and potential to bring practical key solutions within the agreed time. We want to make the online database of specialists -, to become the source of challenges for managers – solutionists on one hand as well as an important platform for the owners and managing director of small and medium-sized companies on the other hand.

What was the impulse for the creation of

When occupying management positions, I often saw several high-quality candidates, but only one vacancy. I wondered how their potential could be used.  I saw the experience, knowledge and especially their willingness to accept a new challenge. On the other hand I knew, that some companies would urgently need them. I´ve found out, that small and medium-sized companies are willing to pay for an expert more than large companies, but only in a short term horizon. I found a intersection of these requirements and I´ve decided to use the potential offered by the market situation.

What benefit does bring to the company

Without registration and free of charge, the company, our client can learn about the number of available specialists in the online database. Along with that, the company obtains a very real idea about the price. In we are trying to be comprehensive. We build on solutions. These are brought by experienced and verified professionals in the specified time formed by the project and its application. Before Inducting a specialist, we realize an audit, defining the objective status and the extend of tasks. Flexibility and confidentiality are parts of our professionalism. The client, of course is freed from searching for and selecting people as well as from related administrative processes.

Who can become a specialist?

Specialist and especially their qualities are the basis of the project. Those, who register on are being verified. We evaluate their knowledge and experiences, but also their language skills. The online database contains exclusively verified experts. Despite the fact, that we are only started running our activities – we´re already operating on several projects in particular companies. When a company decides to select our services, we come and analyze its needs. Subsequently, after the agreement, we send the required number of our specialist with a specific aim and a specified time.

Specialist from what areas can the company „rent“?

I consider the definition of 9 areas crucial. It represents the result of real discussions with more than 50 managers and company owner within Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It reflects the operational problems and on the other hand the growth potential. We therefore offer solutions in the areas such as Finance, IT, Logistics, People, Processes, Production associated with Quality, Sales, Purchase and Strategy.

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